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  • The B.A.G. Tour (The Black Art Gallery Tour)

    The Black Art Gallery Tour aka "The B.A.G. Tour" is a transformative journey through Black art spaces nationwide. This innovative nationwide tour b...
  • Shining at The Harlem Fine Arts Show

    February 23 - February 25, 2024 - The Glasshouse, NYC! The Harlem Fine Arts Show was back and yours truly played a nice-sized part in the festiviti...
  • The Art(ist) Administrator

    So, if you are both an artist and an art administrator, how do you balance the two while increasing reputation and resources while retaining integrity and professionalism in both? That’s a good question, thanks for asking.
  • The Teaching Artist Wage Calculator

    I hope this calculator will act as a catalyst for the field. If we understand what a teaching artist ought to be paid, we can begin, as a field, to work towards a livable wage, stabilizing and strengthening the work teaching artists do in arts education, creative youth development, and arts in community, across the United States.