About Muse

I remember being in my high school guidance counselor's office and she asked me what I wanted to choose as a job/career. I really could not answer. I remember feeling cheated. The limited occupations I was aware of really didn't appeal to me. I understand that it is my job to choose my path but why was it my job to know all the available paths. I went to her office expecting her to give me a list of a thousand occupations and she had little information.

We only know what we have been exposed to. We only know what we know. If only I would have known that I could've been a video game tester, Lego master builder, a personal shopper or a super-car driving instructor. My life choices might have been really different.

Coming from an under-served urban community there weren't many resources available but the one thing that nearly all areas like this possess is a fountain of talent. Artistic talents are not nurtured as often as athletic talents and opportunities in artistic field are not promoted with the same vigor either. This makes careers in the arts less desirable.

I believe in being the living breathing example of a successful artrepreneur to encourage youth with innate artistic talent to nurture that talent so that they can share their gifts with the world. I believe your gifts are directly in line with your purpose. You have been given the tools you need. Now let me show you how to use them.