Tripping Over Canvases: How To Become A Successful Artrepreneur

Tripping Over Canvases: How To Become A Successful Artrepreneur

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Tripping Over Canvases:


  • Are you a creative?
  • Are you ready to take your creative “business” to the next level?
  • Do you fear being a starving artist?
  • Do you have a skill or talent you were given that you want to give to the world?
  • Would you spend your time focusing on creating if it paid all your expenses?
  • Would you like guidance on transitioning into or reviving your full-time creative career?

Above Art Studios gallery owner Dontae T. Muse has published this book to help you along your way. While on our life’s journey we live and we learn, often the hard way. With the proper mentors, mistakes can be avoided and progress can be realized sooner. This book is a mentor that you can keep with you at all times and not have to worry about whether or not you’re being bothersome or asking silly questions.


This book covers launching or finally making your creativity an official business and goes from business entity formation to marketing to business administration to ways to be consistently profitable under different circumstances. Take good notes and get ready to go from “hobby” to career. Get ready to become a successful artrepreneur.