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The Pay The Artist Club Membership

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Join the "Pay The Artist" club today!

Your associations affect the way you make decisions.

Your associations affect your beliefs.

Your associations affect your lifestyle.


Be picky about your associations and surround yourself with like-minded, goal oriented, action taking people. 


Where can you find some????


They're in the "Pay The Artist" club. Why aren't you?


Join the “Pay The Artist” club today! Save yourself years figuring it out on your own and stop waiting until that happens to start getting money! Join the club! I’m 


What you get:

❗Free Masterclasses ($400 value)

❗Q&A & Accountability Sessions ($200 value)

❗Training Module Lessons ($150 value)

❗Email Marketing Templates ($50 value)

❗Monthly Digital Resources, i.e Landing page checklist, lead magnet checklist, product launch strategy, etc. ($25 value)

❗Proprietary Artist Opportunities (priceless) 


Total value over $1,000 

You pay only $47!


Become a member of the “PAY THE ARTIST” club and get up to date trainings (and some replays), live Q&A sessions, live accountability calls, free masterclasses, artist opportunities, digital resources, etc…


Have you figured out how to pour from an empty cup? Neither have I. Artists must be inspired in  order to inspire others. Having a community of like-minded, goal-oriented artists growing all around you is the fuel you need to keep going, keep getting better, and growing your creative businesses.


Join the "Pay The Artist" club today to learn the business side of the art business and how to market yourself to stand out to your audience and grow your art business.